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Live Arrival Times

Please choose your stop from the following:
Arlington FS Crest,
Arlington FS Hillside,
Arlington FS La Sierra,
Arlington FS Madison,
Arlington FS Monroe,
Arlington FS Murray,
Arlington FS Norwood,
Arlington FS Streeter,
Arlington FS Van Buren Big K-Mart,
Arlington NS Adams,
Arlington NS Aden Way,
Arlington NS Chadbourne,
Arlington NS Copper Lantern,
Arlington NS Mitchell,
Arlington NS Phoenix,
Arlington NS Rutland,
Arlington NS Stover,
Arlington NS Tyler,
Arlington NS Van Buren,
Arlington Opp. Ben Lomond,
Arlington Opp. Malibu,
Arlington Opp. Valley,
Arlington Opp.4661 Garden Apts.,
Downtown Terminal Designated Stop,
Galleria @ Tyler,
Indiana 10406 at Tyler Springs Apts.,
Indiana 10901 La Sierra Metrolink,
Indiana FS Grande Vista,
Indiana FS Pierce,
Indiana FS Sayward Circle,
Indiana FS Vallejo,
Indiana NS Churchill,
Indiana NS La Sierra,
Indiana NS Racine,
Indiana NS Tyler,
La Sierra FS Alhambra,
La Sierra FS Cochran,
La Sierra FS Francisco,
La Sierra FS Minnier,
La Sierra FS Nabraska,
La Sierra FS Norwood,
La Sierra NS Collett,
La Sierra NS Fairfield,
La Sierra NS Gramercy,
La Sierra NS Hole,
La Sierra Opp. Kings Ranch,
Magnolia at Brockton Arcade,
Magnolia FS 15th,
Magnolia FS Arlington,
Magnolia FS Banbury,
Magnolia FS Bandini,
Magnolia FS Beechwood,
Magnolia FS Briscoe,
Magnolia FS Burge,
Magnolia FS Elizabeth,
Magnolia FS Jones,
Magnolia FS Larchwood,
Magnolia FS Oakwood,
Magnolia FS Skofstad,
Magnolia FS Sunnyside,
Magnolia FS Tibbetts,
Magnolia FS Tyler,
Magnolia NS Polk,
Market FS 12th,
Market FS 14th,
Market FS Tenth,
Merced FS Magnolia,
RCC Riverside Campus,
Sterling NS Pierce,